Prosperous and economically stable Pakhtunkha through competetive skilled work force for meeting domestic and global market demands.


Youth engagement in demand-driven skilled training in sync with the market-based technology for improved employability and meaningful contribution to the socio-economic development of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


  • Imparting technical education based on internationally acceptable syllabi.
  • Providing hand on experience to trainees to meet national and international demands.
  • Improving access, equity and employability.
  • Assuring quality

Messages from our executives

Amer Afaq

Amer Afaq

Managing Director

      Technical and Vocational Education & Training(TVET) is gaining importance in wake of the growing job market of skilled manpower. Today, Government Federal and Provincial levels lay high emphasis on strengthening and expansion of TVET with a view to engage youth and provide high technical skills to them in line with national and international job market requirements. TVET, all over the world, is supported by three main pillars-Government with a strong political commitment, a responsible and responsive Industry, and quality-oriented training providing institutes…. Read More

Prof. Engr. Arif Naeem

Prof. Engr. Arif Naeem


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (KP-TEVTA) was established through an enactment in the year 2015 in order to impart such technical education and vocational skills through institutions’ under its administrative and regulatory control, which is based on syllabi acceptable internationally, is accredited with national and international institutions, is responsive to the market needs and provides nationally and internationally acceptable hands on experience for its trainees …. Read More


Civil Technology

DAE Civil diploma holders deal in infrastructure projects. They are appointed for the construction of buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, water supply systems, sewerage disposal, sea defense, flood control systems etc. They design, manage budget, plans, and surveys, solve the technical issues in the project. Given the job responsibilities of civil diploma holders….. Read more


Students with a DAE electronics diploma can apply for lateral entrance into electrical engineering programmes. They will have an advantage over other students because they will already be familiar with the fundamentals of the core courses. Another significant benefit of choosing this career route is that you will avoid the intense competition of the ETEA and ….. Read more


You may choose to begin working immediately after receiving your DAE electrical diploma. People with this background are hired by a variety of corporate and government entities. If you can demonstrate your worth by doing well in the institute, you will have no trouble finding work after your DAE Diploma. The Atomic Energy Commission, SUPARCO, Pakistan Army …. Read more

Related Studies

The related studies department is having its own independent role as a backbone in technical education. The department having its own HOD and qualified teaching staff of the following subjects.

  • Physics with a fully equipped lab.
  • Chemistry with fully equipped lab…  Read more

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