Self Finance Scheme

  1. Admission Criteria:Admission in self finance scheme shall be made on open merit as per sanctioned capacity of KPK board of technical education and strictly in accordance with the rules policy of TEVTA. The admission policies for GCTS / GPIS. However, TEVTA secretariat may issue consolidated advertisement for saving time and resources. The age limit for self finance scheme would be the same as that for regular morning program.
  2.  Executive Committee: Following executive committee will be constituted for administrative, operational and financial control of self finance scheme by each GCT / GPI. (i) The principal ii)Two senior most faculty members engaged in self finance scheme.
  3. Timing of Classes: Timing of both morning and self finance scheme are given below, however, students from one scheme shall not be mixed with the other. Class period would be of 45minutes.
  4.  Change of Shift: Change in the shift / scheme would not be allowed to a student in any case i.e. principal will not allowed any student of self finance scheme to attend the classes in the morning shift, even on temporary basic.
  5. Fee: An Annual amount of Rs. 16000/- (where in training material and part admin are financed by KP-TEVTA) shall be charged from each student, subject to increase by the competant forum and in anticipation of formal approval to this effect to be accorded in the forth-coming prospectus meeting of the principal. Rs. 200 will be charged at the time of admission as mosque fund in addition to actual admission fee.