Managing Director Message

Managing Director KP-TEVTA


Dear Students,

I appreciate your decision to have started your career in technical Education. It is a field which, if you take serious, will bring you success and prosperity in your life. Technical Education will ensure more gainful job opportunities vis-à-vis General Education besides opening enormous opportunities for career/professional development with in the country as well as abroad.You have started your career studies which will prepare you for mid-level engineering job in Government,Industry or a corporate sector with a supervisory role in the construction,manufacturing,I.T and services sector after completion of your DAE courses to support your selves and your families,If you have time and resources,you can build upon your DAE qualification for obtaining Engineering and Technologies Qualification at Bachelor degree level which can further lead you to the Master and PhD level in the national and International Universities. If  You are Interested ,you can also switch over to Bachelor and Master degree in Sciences. So you have a broad horizon ahead both for Employment and further Education. Your success will depend upon the time you give to learning and the hard work which you put in for your professional Growth. The Ex Students who had under stood the value of time and passionately pursued their studies are enjoying brilliant careers and those who had killed the time are suffering. The decision rests with you whether to become achievers in your life or become sufferers.